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Vehicle’s location tracking using GSM & GPS based devices has been around in Pakistan for over a decade now. GPS tracking devices collect and send data to Server via GPRS commonly known as (2G, 3G, 4G), It is then processed on the server & vehicle’s physical location is shown on the map along with other information such as Speed of the Vehicle, Battery Status & other parameters.

GPS Vehicle Tracking
Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

Fleet Management System

A Fleet management software is much advanced version of location based tracking software available on the market. It has seamless integration with GPS hardware devices of highest accuracy in order to assist a fleet manager perform his routine jobs while at the same time achieving the goal of overall visibility for decision making personnel at the top of the organization. Some major features of a Fleet management software consists of :-

  • Real-time Tracking & Alerts
  • Fuel Control
  • Route Optimization
  • Workforce Management
  • Sensor Data Reading
  • Geofence Control
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring
  • Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance

Fleet Management System boosts fleet efficiency and productivity by real time monitoring of vehicle location, movement landmark history, fuel level, temperature, activity notifications, route performance, & data analysis via reports (tables and graphs) and much more.

Every industry has its own challenges, Logistics & Supply Chain management companies take advantage of features such as route optimization, freight weight control, halting time, scheduled vehicle maintenance, fuel costs reduction whereas Corporate organizations are more focused on workforce management, driving behavior monitoring & unauthorized movement. Transport companies are using fleet management software to secure the cargo along the journey via asset tracking & to avoid insurance claims. A complete fleet management system should be tailored to industry & end user’s requirements. Even a small fleet of 25+ vehicle can see see significant increase in efficiency and savings by implementing a fleet management system to automate fleet management processes & maintaining digital logbooks.


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