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Where is your fleet right now? You can not answer this question in seconds without a real-time tracking system. If your business involved in such kind of business operations which are being operated through any kind of vehicles then you must be questioned about their locations many times a day. In your daily business activities, you try to contact multiple drivers to get to know their current locations for the estimated time of arrival at the predefined location in order to have a rough idea for arrival time and can book for the next client according to his requirement. But, is that so easy to get true information from all drivers? No! of course not. It will be time taking activity with unreliability at all.

A real-time tracking provided by a fleet management system can help your business to make it more easier and time saving. Real-time tracking help you to know about the current status, current location and current speed of a specific vehicle towards its next destination.

Your business needs to be managed according to the real time calculations based on reliable sources. Real-time tracking makes you able to manage a lot of things at the same time.

There are multiple benefits you can avail through real time tracking provided by a fleet management system.

Increase in your productivity:

If a company is using a real time tracking system, then this company will definitely increase in its productivity by 22% annually. If you are a fleet manager in a company, then you can see the activity of every driver easily. Are they operating efficiently or not? Furthermore, drivers will drive more carefully and will change their driving pattern and choose the best route while keeping in mind that they are being watched every second by the fleet manager.

Reduce Fuel Cost:

A company can’t control over fuel cost without choosing the best measures. Fuel cost is the most expensive operating cost in every business related to fleet. A fleet manager can control this expense by using different monitoring tool through live GPS tracking which includes best routing, less idling, dispatching on time and their maintenance alerts.

Labor Cost:

Over-time calculations are very complex in nature when you try to get them manually. What if the system tells you about every driver that how many the driver actually has driven the vehicle. False claims are less likely to be happened when you have a fleet management system.

Over-speeding Control:

A real time tracking system helps you to control driving habits like over-speeding. This system notified the fleet manager through SMS and mobile notification about over-speeding. Speeding can be more dangerous for the driver and the business as well. A fleet manager must assure that his total fleet is below the speed limit. Over-speeding can cause more fuel expenses and get your vehicles to the garage before the time and your vehicle life may reduced by 30%.

Vehicle real time tracking through a pure fleet management system can make you able your business to generate ROI. Your business needs a fleet management system which leads you to the best in future and give you the best decision making power through its actionable and accurate results.


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